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La Vie En Roses: we help people who move to Roses, who come here often or who plan to do so.
We accompany, guide and assist them as they discover or rediscover the place, the culture and the people; as they search for real estate and through the process of moving in, settling in and familiarizing themselves.

We are guides to local life Roses, Costa Brava, Catalonia.
We are not real estate agents.

Our services take place along an imaginary line: the one of your journey towards your new project of life in Roses.

‘I discover’

I discover or rediscover the many facets of Roses and its everyday life beyond the beautiful season with Eric and Silke - GUIDED WALK
Drive through the different districts and outskirts of Roses, followed by a walk through the city center. Assessment of the activity around the table of a bar or on the terrace of a café.

It is to help you find your way around the city and its surroundings and identify the main landmarks. It is also and above all about you being able to objectively and realistically select the places where you imagine yourself living or staying.

Duration  ±4h

‘I imagine’

I imagine my new life / project in Roses with the help of Eric and Silke - WORKSHOP
The workshop consists of 3 sessions that take place in person or online.
In the first session, ‘Flight’, we let you freely imagine what your new life or life plan in Roses looks like.
In the second session, ‘Vision’, we bring your plane, your ideas to earth by relating them to our own experiences and knowledge of Roses, Catalonia and Spain.
In the final session, ‘Action’, we help you to assess the scope of your project in terms of investment of time and money. Then we help you to concretise your action plan.

We help you to create the framework into which your future life project in Roses will fit in the best possible way. The aim is to transform general ideas into concrete, time-organized and financially quantifiable actions.

Duration 3 sessions of 1:30h each

‘I visit’

I visit virtually or physically the selected properties / homes accompanied by Eric and Silke and the real estate agent of my choice - REAL ESTATE VISITS
Accompanied visit
We physically accompany you during the visit of a property or a rental.

We act as local interpreters and/or advisors for your peace of mind.


Virtual visit
We are mandated by you to visit (live or recorded) the selected property with your real estate agent. After the visit we make an evaluation of the visit with you.

We offer you the possibility of visiting a property from home, saving you a lot of time and money.

Duration about 2-3h

‘I buy’

I buy my property guided by the agency and assisted by Eric and Silke - ACCOMPANIMENT AND ASSISTANCE
We assist you throughout the acquisition process of your property. We offer our knowledge of the place, the culture, the mentalities and the languages. We work in collaboration with your real estate agent, who takes care of the technical, legal, tax, etc. aspects of the purchase operation.

We work in tandem with the estate agent of your choice, taking on the role of interpreter, advisor and guardian.

Duration to be agreed with you

‘I move in’

I am settling into my property and preparing it for my new life/project with the help of Eric and Silke - ACCOMPANIMENT AND ASSISTANCE
We assist you throughout your journey of furnishing and installation of your property.
We assist you in your dealings with local suppliers. We accompany you physically or virtually during your appointments.

We help you with many steps in Roses and even thoses which don’t necessarily require your presence, saving you a lot of hassle as well as time and money.

Duration to be agreed with you

‘I live in’

I am now living in Roses and making my life there. Eric and Silke guide me in my social and cultural integration - ACCOMPANIMENT AND ASSISTANCE
We guide you in your daily life in Roses giving you ‘tips’ and ‘tricks’ to buy better there, to meet people, to do sports, cultural activities, etc..

It is about helping you to adapt more quickly and easily to local life and to grow. It is also about saving you the frustration that sometimes comes with a change of scenery.

Duration  to be agreed with you

‘I am not on site’

I'm not on site so Eric and Silke are helping me by doing simple steps for me - ASSISTANCE
We take care of all sorts of simple tasks for you when you are away. For example, we make sure that your property has not been damaged during an autumn rainstorm. We check that the last tenants/visitors have turned off the water and gas taps properly. We check that the swimming pool has been maintained during your absence. We receive a piece of furniture or household appliance from a supplier. A strong Tramontana is forecast; we make sure your boat is safely moored.

We perform many small steps for you in order to save you unnecessary travel. We save you many worries, waste of time and money in this way.

Duration  to be agreed with you

‘My parents or elderly relatives live in Roses’

Eric and Silke help me occasionally with the day-to-day care of my elderly parents / relatives - SUPPORT & ASSISTANCE
On request and always with the consent of your parents/relatives, we will occasionally take care of small requirements or errands for them.

In this way we save you a lot of worries, time and money.

Duration to be agreed with you

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