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Zona Blava – PARKING Roses
01.05. – 30.09.2024

Where to park in Roses?

From May 1st, some car parks in Roses can only be used for a fee.
These regulations apply to 3 zones (named “ZONA BLAVA”) marked in blue.
Where exactly, how much it costs and, above all, at what time a parking ticket must be purchased, we explain below.


parking roses costa brava
parking roses costa brava
parking roses costa brava

23.04.2024 Sant Jordi

Do you know the legend of Sant Jordi?

Do you know why a book and a rose are given away on April 23rd?

23.04. Sant Jordí

“One day, many years ago, in a very distant castle, there lived a king who had a very beautiful and young daughter.
Near the castle lived a monstrous green dragon with scales, a very cruel and terrible dragon that wanted to eat the beautiful maiden.
The king was desperate and asked for help to kill the dragon and save the princess. A young and handsome knight named Jordi came along, fought the dragon and saved the princess.
The knight killed the dragon with a single blow. A rose was born from the blood of the dragon’s wounds, which the knight gave to the princess as a sign of love. From then on, the knight Jordi and the king’s daughter were very happy”.

The Rose
Just as Sant Jordi (Saint George) took one of the roses to give to his princess, men continue to give their sweethearts a red rose for Sant Jordi (Saint George) Day.
In Catalonia this day is equally or even more important than Saint Valentine’s Day, as the knight’s heroic act led him to also become the patron saint of lovers.

The book
First we can tell you that the 23rd of April is also ‘International Book Day’, coinciding with the death of two great figures of letters: Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare.
And… it is said that the princess wrote a poem to her saviour thanking him for the act and expressing her love.
But! Nowadays it is no longer reserved for men to give the flowers and women to give the books. You can also give a rose or a book to any person who is important in your life…

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