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La Vie En Roses:
We help people who move to Roses (Costa Brava), who come here often or who plan to do so.

We accompany, guide and assist them as they discover or rediscover the place, the culture and the people; as they search for real estate and through the process of moving in, settling in and familiarising themselves.

Eric and Silke

We guide and assist newcomers to Roses, people moving there as well as those planning to do so.

We are in our fifties, with diverse origins (Catalonia, Spain, Belgium and Germany); we are polyglot and transcultural. We live in Roses, which we love and we know very well the location and the people.

We are not tourist guides nor real estate agents.

Your current situation

If your situation meets one or more of the following criteria, you will certainly be interested in what we offer:

  • I think I could like Roses, for my vacations or to live there
  • I plan to buy/rent an apartment or a house there
  • For the moment I am scanning the local real estate offer on the internet
  • I live far away and am looking for help for my projects in Roses
  • My parents or relatives who are elderly and have reduced autonomy live there
  • I am thinking of enjoying my vacations in my property in Roses, but also renting it for part of the season or the year
  • I have spent time there during the summer months but don’t know what life is like the rest of the year
  • I know little or nothing about the local culture
  • I speak little or no Spanish or Catalan
  • I just bought a property there
  • I am already installed in Roses

We help you

to perform one or more of the following tasks:

  • To define your project and/or new living program in Roses
  • Get to know the city and its surroundings better (its shops, culture, neighbourhoods, nature, administration, leisure activities, transport, etc.)
  • To get to know the people and the local specificities
  • To draw up the specifications of the property or housing you are looking for
  • To visit the property of your choice virtually from your home with the real estate agency of your choice
  • To accompany you in the numerous steps with the real estate agents, legal and tax advisers, notaries, agents of the public administration…
  • To put you in touch with local property management and service companies, suppliers and professionals
  • To integrate and grow in Roses
  • To assist your elderly parents or relatives who live in Roses, occasionally and, of course, with their consent

With us you win from the start by avoiding

to make the following common mistakes:

  • choosing the wrong area of town
  • going for a place that is too noisy
  • choosing a place that is too solitary (especially in winter)
  • opting for a location that is too far from the shops
  • not knowing where to park (especially in summer)
  • choosing a layout that does not fit your new life program
  • selecting too big or too small
  • buying a property that may be difficult to resell in the future
  • having too high maintenance costs
  • taking decisions without really measuring the consequences for your future life in Roses and your wallet
  • misunderstandings with professionals and local people who do not speak your language and know little about your culture

With us you also gain:

  • in time and money because you avoid to move to Roses for the steps of which your presence is not necessary
  • with ease of having local partners who know the place, the actors, the languages and the local culture
  • in peace of mind while we help you to prepare the ground for your new life/project.

How can we help you?

Let's meet!

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Let's meet!
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